Large Construction projects are complex due to the activity of construction disciplines, disparity and dispersion of sites, new construction vs. renovation, a schedule that cannot be interrupted, extra safety precautions due to the proximity of the public, to name a few. This complexity provides opportunity for many companies, it also makes the communication and administration challenges much greater. This will cause some contractors to execute greater business risk if the process does not run smoothly.

It is AHRMDCO’s responsibility to mitigate and insure that, in spite of the increased complexity, the General Contractors and Subcontractors experience with projects remains one that is beneficial to them. Our role as SDBE Program Manager can be summarized in four main areas:

Construction Administration Services

  • Assist the General Contractor (GC) with help in acquiring Small and/or Disadvantage Business (SDBE) Subcontractors from a large database maintained in our Vendor Management System
  • Infrastructure review of SDBE
  • Educate and train SDBE on process, review, debriefing, vendor management system
  • Assist firms in obtaining SDBE certifications
  • Review of bids to confirm all required documentation has been attached to bid documents
  • Assist the owner and Architect in the review and selection process of the qualified bidders
  • Attend pre-bid meetings with the GC, architect, and all interested parties for review of contract documents and specification of the project
  • Coordinate and attend initial project meeting with GC and SDBE
  • Provide subcontractors with the information and/or training in the correct preparation of payment application and required documentation to the GC so that it is correct, complete, and submitted on time with all supporting documentation
  • Score Card for GC
  • Score Card for SDBE
  • Establish a HOTLINE to provide assistance to clients, GC’s and subcontractors that may need help with problems, procedures and/or protocol
  • Follow contract in its entirety from implementation to completion of project

Financial Management Review

  • Making sure the SDBE have the proper financing to start project on time
  • Making sure the SDBE have the proper financing to complete project on time
  • Financial resource to cover cost of materials
  • Proper bonding for implementation all the way thru completion of project
  • Part of infrastructure review team

Contract Review and Compliance

  • Mediation for General Contractor and Small and/or Disadvantage Business
  • Contract review before project implementation
  • Contract review after project completion

Vendor Management System

  • Manage General Contractors (GC) and Subcontractors
  • Identify and track project milestones
  • Track and manage all payment milestones between GC and Subcontractors
  • Identify and manage project schedules
  • Communication portal for Construction Project Administration, GC and Subcontractors
  • Identify subcontractor capabilities
  • Community outreach board for upcoming procurement bids