SERVICES - Program Advisor

Our focus is assisting prime contractors to develop and implement a program that achieves the goals and objectives of their client’s Small Business/Disadvantaged Business Enterprise(SDBE) Program from project inception to project completion.


  • Assist prime contractors identify and select subcontractors for client contracts
  • Assist prime contractors prepare Utilization Plan for submission in response to Requests for Proposal
  • Facilitate introduction of SDBE’s to potential prime contractors
  • Coordinate and participate in industry review meetings and contractor mixers
  • Work with community chambers of commerce and contractor associations to acquaint the appropriate parties with project opportunities


  • Advise primes on initiatives to support SDBE participation with client projects
  • Support primes in good faith efforts to utilize SDBEs to meet contract objectives
  • Maintain records, and documentation of specific reporting efforts to identify and award subcontracts to SDBEs
  • Ensure successful compliance and participation of SBDEs in client’s projects


  • Mentor and develop outstanding contractors on the path to become primes
  • Conduct targeted community outreach programs to bring visibility to client’s procurement opportunities
  • Provide technical and financial assistance to SDBEs
  • Develop an availability/capability matrix to assess the needs of SDBEs
  • Identify needed skills and areas of expertise not currently available from SDBEs
  • Identify and reach out to potential sources to meet unfilled procurement needs